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While seven months pregnant with twins, Eliz Greene suffered a massive heart attack -- surviving a ten-minute cardiac arrest, the cesarean delivery of her twin daughters, and open-heart surgery.

Today, Eliz is on a mission to change the way the world sees heart disease. As the director of the Embrace Your Heart(TM) Wellness Initiative, she inspires women to pay attention to their heart health, educates health care professionals about women and heart disease and the importance of addressing heart health with all female patients, and champions the cause by celebrating female heart survivors who use their stories to make a difference.

Her impassioned speeches on topics relating to heart health, balance and wellness and her book Passion For Life inspire others to make simple, yet meaningful changes in their own lives.

In keynotes, wellness programs and seminars, Eliz brings real-life experience and simple strategies to take charge of your health, find your own passion and face your challenges. In specially developed programs for health care professionals, Eliz shares the patient’s perspective on care and technology.

A regular presenter at American Heart Association events across the country, Eliz relates to her audience on a basic level. “She’s just so real,” said one audience member. Her corporate clients, including Guidant Corporation, Aspirus Wausau Heart Institute and Assurant Health Care, appreciate her professionalism and ability to communicate effectively with physicians as well as the public.

Eliz partners with event planners for a successful event, not only attending the entire event, but also being available for media interviews and pre-event conference calls.

She has lobbied Congress on behalf of the American Heart Association (AHA) and chairs Wisconsin’s AHA State Advocacy Committee. Eliz has been featured in local, national, and international media such as the Ladies Home Journal, CNN, and Lifetime.

A resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Eliz balances her speaking career with her other full-time job: raising twin girls! Her daughters, Grace and Callie, are healthy and energetic six-year-olds. Eliz has enjoyed a full recovery and she and her husband, Clay, are avid sailors and triathletes.


Sailing, triathlons, dancing with my girls in the kitchen and spending time with my awesome husband.