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January 18, 2007


Mike Domitrz

1) I once auditioned for the TV show "Puttin' on the Hits" (lip sync contest show in the 80s) by doing a Weird Al Yankovich song -- Punk Polka. Didn' get picked. The scary part? A year later, I ran into a judge and found out I almost made it onto the show.

2) As a small child, we would have our Siberian husky pull us on our sled. Her name was Wolf. She took me at full speed under a car and my head hit the muffler -- explains a lot, doesn't it?

3) Go watch the highlight video/DVD of the 1984 Olympics and you will see me as a 14 year old. Not competing. Instead, sitting next to the USA's gold medalist Greco Roman Wrestling Champions -- parents. I didn't even know they were his parents and I was talking their ear off the entire match. Then, he won...threw his hands up in the air and started running right at us. When you watch the DVD, you'll see a skinny kid taking a picture (wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap). That is me. Right next to his parents. Those poor people had to put up with me. Ugh!

4) I use to break dance (when it was hip the first time around). Yes, I had a pair of parachute pants. Go Hammer!!

5) What you talkin about Willis? As a kid, I loved "Different Strokes" and Gary Coleman. I even read his autobiography in middle school.

Victor Gray


1. How did the tag line "Red Dress come about?

2. I could be wrong here, but do you celebrate the traditional Jewish holidays? As a diversity trainer I always want to learn about the traditions of others.

3. As I watch the NFC playoff game, please rank your favorite NFC team (1=favorite, 2= 2nd most favorite, etc.)
-None of the above

4. Did you attend the "U"?

5. Do you know where I went to college?

Thanks for the fun!!!



Hey Victor!

1. The "Red Dress" is the symbol for women and heart disease. A nationwide effort to educate and rally attention for the cause. As you know, I am always in red when I am working -- so people started calling me the Red Dress Lady and it works.

2. Sorry can't help too much with the diversity issue. Eventhough I live on the North Shore of Milwaukee and my last name Greene, I'm not Jewish. Both of my college roomates were Jewish and I have celebrated many occasions, have a working understanding and have traveled to Isreal (oh, another thing you might not know about me).

3. Badgers, Victor, the Badgers. I am a one team girl and college football is it. I enjoy watching the Packers and will root for any Central Division team in the playoffs, but got to love the pure college game!

4. Badgers, Victor, I'm a Badger!

5. Yep, you're a Gopher. All wagers are welcome!

Thanks for playing!!!

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