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November 12, 2007




This is good advice, I hope it’s heeded.

As someone who manages over 200 sponsorships each year, I’d like to offer a few additional thoughts:

*Gift bags can be great but they can also unravel a sponsorship. We prefer our funding go to benefit the organization. The gift bag item can cost more than the sponsorship and be a barrier to entry if “everyone” does it. I generally consider the give away a marketing expense and in order to participate, I seek funding from my colleagues in marketing, which isn’t always forthcoming. The example Eliz cites is a good one in favor of this technique: IF you can pull off a fun and useful bag of things. Do not give out pens.

I have also seen “gift bags” that were really coupons to desirable stores, and that proved to be appreciated and useful (this was at a fashion show where the stores that donated merchandise and styling provided the coupons). A win-win.

*Very good point about asking what’s important. This can be all over the map. For top sponsors, this is a good idea that can save organizations time and money while building relationships.

*A well-attended event that is well-run is the best thanks a sponsor can get. That and coherent advance materials. As the person who also fills the table, I love the events that people clamor to attend versus the ones that takes weeks and weeks to recruit for. “Please invite me again” is music to my ears. Most programs we attend could be cut in half in terms of time and leave more of an impact in terms of content. End five minutes early and you will have your community at your feet.

If you have a keynote speaker like Eliz, frame the talk with minimal additional content. Let her do the heavy lifting! That’s why she makes the big corn.

Thanks Eliz, xo

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