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February 12, 2008



My Super ball is my mom, Bev! She is the most giving, forgiving, spiritual, beautiful, energizing woman I know! She helped me heal emotionally and spiritually after my divorce, takes wonderful care of my daughter when I need some extra help, celebrated my new marriage, and has helped me heal through each of my early pregnancy losses. She celebrates the good times with me but also helps me to see the positive side when things aren't so good. My Super Ball.....My mom, my best friend.

Lisa Mitchem

My Super Ball is my best friend MaryJane; she is also my mentor, advisor, teacher and mother. Two years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. What a blow to a women who has embraced a healthy lifestyle ever since her diagnosis of breast cancer 25 years ago. She decided at that time,1983, that a positive attitude was important to survival. So she made a committment to exercise, a healthy diet and most importantly, giving to others. My mother is the person I turn to when I want to share my happiness, because she adds vibrant color to that happiness. I seek her advice when I am faced with a difficult decision, because she can look at all angles of the situation and give me a objective perspective, while insisting that I decide on and "own" the answer. When I am sad, she is my comfort; then gently reminds me that there is a greater force watching over my life. Even faced with her current illness, she still finds the energy to teach her grandchildren and great grandchildren the important lessons in life, as well as the fundamental learning that is so important for schoolage children. She is making memories for my grandchildren, by never missing an opportunity to read them a story, or plan a tea party. So many people tell me what an infuence my mother is in their lives. Recently, she was asked by two different people, to talk to their loved ones about how to stay positive in the face of cancer. She never hesitates to take the time for these requests. I am in awe and so in love with this person that I have the honor to call MOTHER.

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