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September 19, 2008


Joanne Cantor

That is so helpful, Eliz! I've heard about this, but nothing so clear. There will be major changes in my water bottle habits starting now!

Thanks for all you do!


the insulated coffee cup I drink out of every day is a #6. Can I continue using it?

Patricia Marble

Question: My Nalgene, hard plastic water bottle from REI is a #7. Should I be throwing it out?

Eliz Greene

Thanks for the questions Patricia! My girls' new Nalgene bottles are #7 also, but it says BPA free under the 7. Nalgene changed the way they make the bottles recently. If it doesn't indicate BPA free, I would play it safe and replace the bottle.

... hope that helps, and thanks again for your question!

Eliz Greene

Hi Phyllis, great question. So good I just wrote a quick post about it: http://embraceengage.typepad.com/ee/2008/09/a-hot-cup-ofno.html

Any heat will cause the chemicals in plastic to leach into the contents -- so, no, I wouldn't keep using the mug if I were you.

An unlined stainless steel mug or ceramic mug will be a much healthier choice.

Thanks for the question!

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